Bidding farewell to the OAI-PMH publisher

January 2021 - Since we started OpenAIRE, the number of collected metadata records continously increased from the 8M records about Open Access publications available in the DRIVER infrastructure to the 150M records you can see now on the EXPLORE portal, which include also non Open Access publications, research data, software and other types of research products, all linked to each other, to more than 2M funding projects, and to the organisations involved. What we have now is not a simple data collection anymore: it is a scholarly graph, the OpenAIRE Research Graph.

In order to deal with such numbers and relationships, the OpenAIRE technical team updated the back-end technologies and adapted the front-end services whenever possible.
Since August 2020, the content of the OAI-PMH has not been updated anymore. We will be shutting down the OAI-PMH publisher at the end of April 2021. OpenAIRE contacted the known users of the OAI-PMH and we kindly invite to get in touch with us if you are using the service and you have not been contacted yet. For bulk consumption, you can use the json dumps available on Zenodo. Check out the dedicated documentation page for details.

We believe that this solution is much friendlier for consumers who need the whole content from OpenAIRE, also because OpenAIRE could not ever offer incremental harvesting via OAI-PMH due to sources that do not offer incremental harvesting on their side.

OpenAIRE releases open, public dumps of the Graph every six months. If you would like more frequent dumps or a specific subset of the OpenAIRE Research Graph, please contact us.


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