Bidding farewell to the OAI-PMH publisher (only for export!)

January 2021 - Since August 2020, the content of the OAI-PMH has not been updated anymore. We will be shutting down the OAI-PMH publisher at the end of April 2021.

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Authenticated requests to our APIs

Access our APIs with auhtenticated requests to achieve better rate limits. The rate limit for non authenticated requests will be decreased. Click here to learn more.

The OpenAIRE APIs allow developers to access the metadata information space of OpenAIRE programmatically.

If you have any question, please open a ticket to the OpenAIRE Helpdesk.


OpenAIRE HTTP API: the APIs are free-to-use (no sign-up needed) by any third-party service. Note that:

Metadata license is CC-BY: the metadata records retuned by the service can be freely re-used by commercial and non-commercial partners under CC-BY license, hence as long as OpenAIRE is acknowledged as content provider.

Quality of Service: all API services are running in production 24/7 within the OpenAIRE infrastructure premises deployed at the data center facilities of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM).

APIs rate limits For more details on the rate limits please check here.


The default format of delivered records is oaf (OpenAire Format - current version 1.0):

For the list of changes click here

The latest versions of the XML schema and documentation are also available at the following permanent links:

Older versions:

API documentation changes

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